Kwanzaa Film 
This short animated film about the history of Kwanzaa African American Festival, was created through a collaboration between animation, motion graphic and music students and professors at California State University Northridge. The film is based on an archival interview from the Tom and Ethel Bradley archives. 
This multifaceted multimedia endeavor seamlessly weaves together diverse academic disciplines and media formats, culminating in a unified and immersive project. The objective is to harness the unique strengths of each discipline and medium, crafting an intricate and captivating experience for the audience. 
Generously supported by the Dean’s Office, this collaborative initiative unites the creative forces of students and faculty from the art department, the Ethel and Tom Bradley Center, and the music department. Additionally, invaluable assistance has been provided by the Africana Studies department, contributing to the richness and depth of our collective efforts.
Animation Team
Prof. Aglaia Mortcheva
Courtney Frazier
Jackie Lopez
Samantha Chimarusti
Motion Graphics Team
Prof. Shirin Raban
Shiva Nosraty
Fernanda Ortega
Andrew Stogsdill
Bradley Center Archives
Dr. Keith Rice
Africana Studies
Dr. Karin Stanford
Advanced Media Composition Team
Prof. Kyle Simpson
John Argeris
Jake Chapman
Miranda Clark
Timothy Franco
Sera Hornstein
Gabriel Mcguffey Daniel Neufeld
Alexander Pijuan-Galindo
Frank Quiroz Anthony Rodill Una Sung
Peter Weissman
Joanna Yeh
A Special Thanks to:
Dan Hosken, Dean of
Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, & Communication

Samantha Fields, Art & Design Chair
Holly Jarger, CSUN Art Gallery Director

April 20, 2023
CSUN Sundial Newspaper Article
One of more than 10 new interdisciplinary grant projects partners professors and students in Animation, Graphic Design, CTVA, and Music with CSUN’s Tom & Ethel Bradley Center to create a multimedia/animation short film based upon oral history recordings and archival images from the Black Power Archives Oral History Project. The faculty heading up this project are Aglaia Mortcheva, Assistant Professor of Animation, Shirin Raban Esther, Lecturer of Visual Communication, and Dr. Kyle Simpson, Assistant Professor of Music and Chair of Media Composition...
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