Product Development: 
Flavors and content was altered based on research on local product availability and research on superfood properties and health benefits.
Package Development:
Research of retail shelf and other sources for current styles, package function + materials
Product Name brainstorm included concepts of: to the point, happy, childish, fun, organic, truthful, naked, bare, honest, simple, animé, agile, fast moving, outside the box, moral values, peace, personable…
Consumer Base:               Concepts:
Male + Female                                         Simple + Clean + Clear + Fun
Primary Age Group 6-18                         Rugged "On the Go"
Secondary Age Group 18-35                  Smart/Hip + Easy to Use
                                                                  Pack + Store
Packaging sketches were based on shelf and inspiration research as well as function, and manufacturer material and die-line availability.
Single Serve:                                 Multipack:       
Individual + Single Serving + Stand Alone               4 pk - 8 pk - 12 pk Single Servings
Fit in Auto Drink Holders                                           Large/Family Standard Size for Low Price 
Portion Size Package 6 to 16 oz size range              
Color scheme reseach based on children's fashions and whimsical illustrations and designs
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